Sunday, 11 March 2012

A sort of bucket list.

Happy Labour Day to all! Many of you may have enjoyed Melbourne's most meaningless public holiday at home, relaxing. Perhaps you even ventured into the CBD to watch the Moomba parade (I wouldn't have recommended it due to the overload of lower class scum that seemed to be filling all of the pathways and building entrances with their sad eyes and cigarette smoke odour) apart from my own personal negativity surrounding the public holiday... purely based upon the fact that I have two options: either work or attend Deakin University (like many other universities which decide to remain open). 

All of these things have now led me to write a sort of bucket list, taking one out of Karl Pilkington's book I seek to do all of the things on my own personal itinerary. I have now written a list of eateries across Melbourne that I have to go to before the end of the year... unless I die before then. I will soon enchant all of you with my tales of foreign lands, but first I need to make a plan. This plan is to try as much as possible and not become lazy when it comes to the most important thing in the world: eating.

So here is the list. I would love to have some company across my travels, so if anyone is interested feel free to join me.

The Hardware Societe: 118-120 Hardware St 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Sally’s Kitchen: 295 Exhibition St 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Birdman Eating: 238 Gertrude St 
FitzroyVIC 3065


Banque: 189 Nelson Pl 
WilliamstownVIC 3016

Colonel Tans: 229 Chapel St 
PrahranVIC 3181


The Post Office Hotel: 231 Sydney Rd 
CoburgVIC 3058

Josie Bones : 8 Smith Street 
Collingwood, VIC 3066

Hellenic Republic434 Lygon St 
Brunswick EastVIC 305

The Royston Hotel: 12 River St 
RichmondVIC 3121

Rockpool: Crown Casino 8 Whiteman St  
SouthbankVIC 3006


Atticus Finch: 29 Lygon Street 
Brunswick EastVIC 3057

Time to start eating!

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