Friday, 27 September 2013

Distance can make the taste buds grow stronger

In life people make promises, usually based on a sincere intent to keep them,  perhaps they were even with an honest level of guilt that had driven them to make un-realistic decisions. I made a promise, almost 500 days ago, that I was unable to keep. Instead of writing about all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) places that I explored and had consumed large amounts of food and decadent alcoholic beverages at.... I forgot to take notes. The few of you reading this may say "well, we didn't miss you Molly, in fact we weren't even aware that you had left.." This may be the case, but all I have to say to that is you're bloody missing out on all of the exciting things I had to share.

In 500 days I have been to numerous countries, cities, states and airports in which I have drunk my body weight in excellent coffee, eaten a Noah's ark of cuisine (this means an assortment of animals and animal products to you un-educated atheists) and I have seen wonderful decor in stylish brasseries.

I suggest if you like food, coffee and a good yarn, then you keep your peepers on this site and I shall take you on a decadent journey that certainly has taken a toll on my waistline and savings.



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    1. Why thank you lovely man. I have been to so many places recently and I need to remember them all. My priorities are back in order!