Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Fitz Cafe

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Location: 347 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, 3065
Hours: Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner (7am-11pm)
Guests: Nicole, Richard

The 'Fitz Cafe' is misleading in many ways, the name sounds as though it should be a grungy pub, with a large outside seating area filled with scum puffing their lives away near the entrance... This could not be further from the truth. The Fitz has a slight cafe atmosphere, with bustling waitresses and the smell of coffee filling the small dining room.

When we walked in we were welcomed by an open fire and large wooden tables with dark leather seats. Chalk boards are scattered on the walls, large white chalk letters stating the decadent menu for the Friday evening. The prices were in the $18-30 for a main meal, but all of the fresh and italian inspired ingredients seemed worth it. As a started we all shared a bread selection, with a rosemary and caramelised onion topping. It was delicious, and perfect for three people.

The mains we ordered were Pork belly on a bed of mash and red cabbage soaked in cider, Lamb shanks with a carrot puree' and winter vegetables and a Harissa lamb fillet served on seasonal veg with a minted yoghurt. Can I just say... Yum! All of the food was rustic and visually enticing. We all loved our meals and left holding our stomachs from the large portion sizes. The Fitz had to be some of the best food I have eaten in a really long time!

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