Sunday, 3 July 2011

East Brunswick Club

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Location: 280 Lygon Street, East Brunswick

Mon-Fri: 6pm – 9:30pm

Saturday: 12pm – 9.30pm

Sunday: 12pm – 9.30pm

Hooray for July! I felt three days into a new month was far too long to not have posted something. For further information this is not me scraping the barrel, I have still been cooking, eating, and dining, but the busy days before university begins again have claimed my state of mind (tragically). So as I sit here with smudged eyes and a latte that I made someone other then myself walk down to the nearest cafe to get, I realise the problem... This lethargic behaviour may partly be because of being tired, but perhaps it is partly from boredom. 

This 'review' or description of last nights dining experience is not a negative one, because I do enjoy going to 'The EBC'. It has a casual relaxed environment and there is something cosy about the dimly lit room that looks on to the rainy street. But, and here is the big change of pace; the food is okay. 

I do actually prefer things off the vegetarian menu. The first time I ever went to 'The EBC' I got the calamari salad which was surprisingly delicious (there was not a bread crumb in sight!). Last night I don't no what I was thinking... My hunger took all of my judgement and I ended up ordering the 'Nachos Parma'. It was beastly to say the least, as the huge slab of crumbed chicken sat upon a bed of chips, the top was gloriously covered in 'Mexican' themed condiments (sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, and corn chips). 

The meal was okay, not the best parma but certainly not the worst. The people I was with both ordered burgers (a variety of meats) which looks quite nice, the patty held between a turkish bread bun. 

Going to a place like this makes me wish I lived just around the corner so I could pop in for a drink after work or a quick meal, but in terms of it being a place that you say to your friends "ah, I am really craving one of their burgers" ... This is not the place for those type of fantasies. All I can say is that, if they made the menu smaller they may have a chance to improve on some of their stock standard pub meals. 

They basically serve three meals : Pizza, Parma, Burger, with different flavours etc. The meals just need a little more love and care when being prepared and then I think more people would feel good after leaving, not deep sighing and holding their "food babies". 

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