Saturday, 4 June 2011

A beginning

Gastronomy; n. The art or science of good eating

Western culture is known for its excessive waste of resources and over indulgences. I am just another person who believes less is never more... 
Cooking and food are something I have always been exposed to, they are the basis of my existence and something I am quite passionate about. Food brings people together but it also separates us, we all have different wants and needs from how we eat and I want to explore them.

These posts will not just be based upon my own thoughts on food and the way in which we eat, they will try and capture many unique experiences people have when they cook.

It is my goal that weekly I will de-construct recipes and try and explore the negative and positive elements of each of them. I will also go to restaurants across Melbourne, seeking the most economically, environmentally friendly meals, which use fresh organic produce. 

I hope you will continue reading and explore Melbourne’s food scene with me, from cheap wine lists to vegan alcoholic beverages... There is plenty to learn about and I am excited to share it with you.

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