Friday, 17 June 2011

Thaila Thai

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 Location:                                                                                                                                           82Lygon Street Brunswick East
Hours: 5.30pm - late
Guests: Nicole, Dan and Jonathan

Thaila Thai is a well known Thai restaurant (to the locals who live in the Brunswick area), it is also quite a deceiving location. As I walked quickly through the cold rainy Melbourne night I entered the restaurant having to double check that I was at the right place... You see; when walking through the doors you feel as though you have just entered a small asian take-away restaurant. The counter is placed obtrusively close to the door and four small chairs reside in front of the register (for take-away orders only). 

This startled me, as I thought I was going to be eating in a place that would have cutlery and table cloths. All my questions were soon answered as I walked through the restaurant to find how large the building actually was. Walking up the large staircase I found the main dining room; big heavy set tables with wicker framed chairs placed quite close to one another filled the room. 

I sat down an minutes later a waiter pounced upon our table to take our order (in asian restaurants I find this a good and comforting attribute, especially when you know what you want to order). 

After briefly looking through the menu I decided upon the Chicken stir-fry with fresh ginger (seasonal vegetables included). The menu consisted of many varieties of a few basic  dishes, stir-fry, salad or curry being the main options. People always tend to debate the authenticity of asian cuisine, many reviews state online that Thaila Thai is closer to Chinese food then it is Thai. Thai cuisine has predominant Chinese influences in many of its courses, I actually thought this was a good thing. If you are just seeking tasty food with strong flavours and choice, then this place is perfect for you. I can not judge what I have yet to taste, but the food and the company were both lovely. 

Next time I may try something lighter and spicier, in the entree's there were quite a few different salads that had large amounts of mint and chilli. In terms of atmosphere, cost and quality, Thaila Thai was a good place to have a quick meal with a few friends and be able to enjoy something without the fear of some sort of MSG poisoning to occur. 


  1. I can't go past the stir fries. I usually either have the tofu with basil and chilli or with lemongrass and chilli. I decided to try something different yesterday. It happened to be exactly the same as you chose (except with tofu, not chicken). Mine was delicious, although it could have done with a touch more ginger.

    But I did miss the slight kick of chilli.

    Also, you forgot to say that the portions are MASSIVE, and that you got a little doggy bag to take home with you!

  2. Hello! I said I'd give you some food bloggy links = most of the Melbourne food blogs I read are syndicated at Planet VeGMeL. Enjoy!